In Production

The first call of «Action» on «A Room With No View» was on Saturday this past weekend. I wasn’t there to witness it, but was happy to hear that everything went according to schedule. Even ahead of. The crew managed to call it a wrap for the day almost an hour earlier than planned.

I met up with the crew the following evening, after they had travelled across the country. Bright and early Monday morning the crew was ready for the main cast: Hege O. Egner and Hannah Karine Giske at the hospital which would be our one main location for most of this week. Our main character Kathrine (played by Hannah Karine) is as an adult hospitalized with serious psychiatric illness after being bullied as a child.

Hannah Karine brings Katrine to life in a deeply felt way. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to place yourself in the position of someone like our Katrine. Especially since the real life person who in part inspired the story of Katrine is on the set.

On Tuesday evening the local police in Kristiansand was extremely helpful in yet another important and difficult scene, where Katrine is wandering around in a pyjamas, lost in her psychotic nightmare. To protect her from herself, the police come for her. She fights for her life, so the police have to force her to go with them. Thanks to the Agder Police District, two sporty police officers joined us for several hours in the rain pretty late into the evening, and patiently acted as our Police Officers 1 & 2 in the screenplay.

We have had so much help and goodwill from so many people and offices over the course of this past week and throughout the pre-production weeks. We could not have made it this far without all the generousity we have met all around. It seems that the story of Katrine touches many people. Some related directly to her, others know of someone like her.

I have a double role in this project as producer and screenplay writer. So for me, this past week has been extra demanding and rewarding at the same time. Monday brought the wonderful news that Filmkraft Rogaland has awarded us a production grant of NOK 250.000. This has brought us one huge step closer to reaching our goal for financing.

Another uplifting issue for me is that we finally are her. I have lived with this project for over a year and put countless months into building the foundation for the actual production. A burdon I have shared equally with co-producer Solveig Arnesen of Genesis Film, the production company behind the film.

All the same, it is a very emotionally challenging situation seeing a screenplay I spent so long trying to get a grip on take the first steps towards the film screen. After a few versions, I was happy about what got down on paper. Especially after Kirsten Rask gave her thumbs up and said it was a good script. Although I have not had any desire to direct fiction, I do see the pictures and many visual elements with my inner eye when I write. I know how I would like the film to look like. Letting it go and trusting it to someone else is almost like letting go of a love affair or losing a friend. It never seems to get easier and is draining.

I left the crew and cast after spending 3 days with them. The crew is still filming as I write. Tonight there is also another night shoot. After a day at a new location tomorrow, the crew has one day of travel, before concluding on Sunday. Some of the crew leave already tomorrow, and only a minature crew will do the final shots.

In a few days the production will end and we will be in postproduction. I look forward to that.