Only 4 days left until we start shooting «A Room With No Room».

A very busy team of production coordinator, assistent producer, director, cinematographer and various assistents are getting the last details in place. We have 7 days of shooting lined up, in 3 different main locations in various parts of the country on the South West coast. In addition to shooting days, there are 2 days of transportation. So the team is gearing up for 9 days of work, starting Saturday.

The very final day of shooting will be a snow scene, so that is perhaps the most tricky one. We are crossing our fingers that winter will not quite leave the location we found, making us having to search for «higher ground».

There are still tons of producer related tasks to be looked after. We still need some additional funding and waiting for the result of a number of applications. And we have a few other «tricks up our sleeves». More on that in a later blog where I will sum up how we have gone about to get our funding. I have already mentioned some in earlier blogs. I am not sure how much of our experiences can be of help or inspiration for others, but in case someone can get an idea or two, I am only happy to share what I have learned.

That will have to wait, but for now, my main focus is the on what is happening in 4, 3, 2, 1…

«And action!»