Pre-Production Frenzy

As the days grow lighter and longer outside my window, they don’t seem to have enough hours inside anymore! «A Room With No View» is now in the pre-production frenzy stage. We are a small, yet dedicated team working against the clock to get everything in place before director Inger Lene Stordrange can shout her first «And – Action!»

The film will be shot outside Haugesund and around Kristiansand. The very final scene we are filming is a snow scene, so this year’s extremely mild winter has not been to our liking as far as that goes. We’ll manage though. A few hours by car we should find a mound of snow to complete it all.

«A Room With No View» is about Katrine, who as a child was severly bullied and became mentally ill as a consequence. We see Katrine at ages 6, 12 and mid 20. We have our mid-20 Katrine and 12 year old Katrine, and now the hunt is on to find a 6 year old girl from the Kristiansand area who can look like a younger version of them.

Adult Katrine will be portrayed by Hannah Karine Giske (photo on left). She is a Norwegian Actress who studied in NY at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and with Robert Castle from the International Theater  New York. She thinks herself very fortunate to have had teachers who from early on encouraged her (and her fellow classmates) to only take on parts in projects they really believed in. And this is one of them. She can´t stress enough how important it is that the message of this film reaches out, having known people who never fully recovered from the many forms of bullying that there is.

For more information on Hannah Karine and to see her showreel, please see her homepage on 

In addition to the Katrines, the other main character is Lisa, a nurse at the psychiatric ward. Hege O. Enger, who has more than 20 years of acting experience will be breathing life into our Lisa-character.

(Photo of Hege above, taken by Stian Herdal Medi)

Hege has acting experience from theater, feature and short films, as well as commercial and corporate films. She also has a background as a dancer, and studied at the Norwegian Opera. Other schools include The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York.

Visit her homepage at for her CV and more information on her acting background.

Most of the extras are also cast and are being notified this week. Practice for actors and extras are one of the main focuses for director Inger Lene these final weeks until we actually start shooting on April 14. Inger Lene is being assisted by Silje Marie Strandberg in prepping the actors and extras. Her experience is extremely valuable, since she has been in similar situations as our fictional Katrine herself. We are extremely fortunate to have Silje Marie on board in this film production, and cannot express our gratitude for all that she brings with to it.

Inger Lene and I spent several days last week in Kristiansand location scouting. Some of the scenes will actually be filmed in a psychiatric hospital, if all works out. We have already gotten the go-ahead to film some exterior scenes outside a hospital ward, and now we are hoping that the final person who has a say in the matter also will give his blessing for us to use some of the facilities inside. Once that has fallen in place, we are just shy of one location.

Pieces are falling in place, day by day.

Scenographer Lisa Whetmore is working hard on getting ahold of everything she needs for props and dressing the locations, make-up artist Nina Samdal is preparing costumes and make-up, production coordinator Trine Malde is keeping tabs on everything and producer assistent Alena Stibralová is finding her place on the team, helping producer Solveig Arnesen and myself with every other thinkable and unthinkable task. In addition to prepping actors and extras, Inger Lene is focused on her  shotlist, which is a work-in-progress, based on the storyboard drawn by Elias Kallestein.

We are still waiting for the replies from all the applications we have sent out, and are still concentrating on other funding strategies. More to come on that in a later blog.