A True Story Behind Fiction

Is it true that «Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me»? Too many victims of bulllying prove otherwise. The wounds of emotional, mental and physical bullying can run very deep. Some make it through fine. Others have scars for life. Some are not able to live.

«A Room With No View» is an authentic short film that shows the hell bullying can lead to and hope of finding a way back to life again.

The film is based on true stories. In this vimeo video you meet one of the victims who inspired it most. Silje Marie Strandberg became sick for many years, but has managed to find her way back to a full life again. She is brave and strong enough to share her experiences in a naked and honest interview.

Watch it here: A Survivor of Bullying Speaks Out: Silje Marie Strandberg, who has inspired the short film «A Room With No View».

This interview is produced by Genesis Film – www.genesisfilm.no with the financial support of Filmkraft Rogaland.

«A Room With No View» – coming autumn 2012. Produced by Genesis Film. Visit us on Facebook for more information: www.facebook.com/Aroomwithnoview .

The film will be a complete English language version (no subtitles).