Off to Pitch Again

Movies on War (  is a new film festival. Not surprizingly dedicated to movies on war. It starts on Thursday. Saturday there is a pitching contest, which I am headed for.

Some while ago the festival posted a contest: submit a synopis or film idea on the topic war and conflict. The best ideas would be invited to be pitched for a jury during the Movies on War festival. I had been thinking for quite some time about an idea to a film about a female soldiar returning home. Not all the causalities of war are those who do not make it home alive. Some return, yet with not much life left in them.

I have enough projects on my desk now. A new «bread job» that is very demanding, made me hesitate about writing the synopsis. After giving it some thought, I started some serious research. I met some veterans, and could no longer harbor any doubt. I have a great story that needs to be told. Also, all of my other projects are far more developed. It was time for me to start my next project. So I submitted my one page synopsis.

The film idea has the working title «Fallen». I am going to write this screenplay, regardless of what happens next Saturday. I am just grateful for the push for me to start the process now, and of course, to be among those invited to pitch.

During the course of the coming months, I will be meeting more veterans who have agreed to talk to me.

Be prepared to hear more about «Fallen». At least if you follow this blog.

Fingers crossed for next Saturday!