To Chicago

«Shadows of a Midsummer’s Night» that I co-wrote with director Stian Einar Forgaard, is one of 10 Norwegian movies (3 features and 7 shorts), that is accepted to the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF). 

This festival is the only children’s festival that is Oscar qualifying. The seven Norwegian shorts screened at the CICFF in the end of October has a chance at an Oscar nomination. A long shot, I’m sure, but fun all the same.

The CICFF is the largest film festival in the world that is dedicated to children’s films with 25.000 visitors annually. What I especially like about the festival is that there is a program for underprivileged children in the Chicago-area who get to go see these movies for free.

This will be the first international screening for our film. Apparently this film festival is often the first step towards other important festivals in the USA, especially for shorts. Perhaps there can be more US festivals in the future?

«Shadows»  and the other films from Norway are a part of the International program and compete for a number of awards.

It’s fun seeing the film come to life and following from the sidelines as the film is screened in different venues.

The film is produced by Phantom film.