Producer’s Hat: Part 2

Producer’s Hat: A Room With No View, Part 2

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During the month that has past since I wrote the part 1, I have to admit I have been a little sidetracked working in my bread job. The hard reality of this business, as many know, is that the income from it fluxuates. Since I started a new job, my focus on producing and writing has been constricted to a minimum.

All the same, there is a little progress to be reported.

As I mentioned earlier, as producer, there are two tasks I feel are essential for the success of this project. The first and most crucial is, of course, securing financing to start production. When it comes to the second – distribution – there is a choice of either postponing dealing with this until the film is in (post)production OR to consider it to be the other side of the financing coin. I choose the latter.

Not only do I need the finances to be in order to make the film a reality, I feel it is equally important to get it to an audience. An audience larger than that of the festival circuit. Actually, distribution may also be the route to financing the production itself.

My strategy for financing is closely related to distribution. For now, there are two main routes I am following:

1) Crowd funding

2) Pre-sales of screening


Crowd Funding

We have initiated a «Donation Race» where we are searching for 1000 individuals who can donate kr 50 (or more) and 200 companies who can donate kr 500 (or more). If we manage to find these and they donate on the nose, we are only less than half way of our budget.

Up until now, a handful of people have donated. The minority has donated the kr 50, most donate more. (I am happy to accept the 50-kroner notes. A thousand of them equals 50.000…) And as of today, one company has donated the kr 500. (To check out how we are doing and what the donation race has brought in so far, check out: – look at the «Donation Race» tab. I usually update every Monday, so the donations are probably higher than what is on the site.) Donations trickle in on a regular basis.

We are using social media, but also word-of-mouth. I am working on some flyers that our supporters can use to spread around, both paper copies and e-versions that can posted on social media or sent via e-mails. (A copy of one of them in Norwegian is posted below.)

As a part of the crowd funding strategy, I have sent invitations to numerous local clubs that work with issues concerning mental health and also clubs such as Lions and Rotary. The first invitation I sent out during the summer came back with a «yes» and a nice donation. All the other invitations have been sent out this past week, so it is too early to tell how they will do. Many of these clubs only have monthly meetings, so it might take a couple of months before we hear back from most of them.

Since bullying is a central topic, I am also trying to find companies that sell products or services towards children and families. It might be of interest for them to take a stand against bullying. Again, these invitations have just been sent out, so it is too early to see if they will be coming back with any donations. As far as I am concerned, it’s worth a shot. I am only asking for a small amount, so I am hoping that it will seem so low that they feel it acceptable to chip in.



Earlier this year, the Norwegian government sent an invitation to all the mayors in all the municipalities to sign a Manifest Against Bullying. A little over 280 have signed it. Some of these municipalities take this seriously and have programs and strategies in place, while others have signed it without giving much thought on how to put it in action.

Every one of these municipalities has now received a personal invitation via their mayors and administrative leaders and those in charge, both politically and administrative for schools from us. The invitation is to screeen the film in all their schools around the World Day for Mental Health in October 2012 and they are requested a small fee to do so. A small fee for them, but it could be a substantial part of our production cost.

It has taken the better time of this past month (in between the bread job hours) to get the information on who to send these invitations/applications to. So far 8 have replied. Five have said no (four due to financial reasons) and three have said yes! (Those who blame the financial situation will be getting new invitations as soon as we hit the fresh budget year in 2012….) I am now eagerly awaiting the reply from the rest 270-and-some who are probably reviewing this as we speak.

When the municipalities say yes, I send a press release to their local newspapers, so they receive positive feedback for their commitment in combatting bullying.

AND I have send press releases, information on the film AND an invitation to all the 250 plus plus local newspapers across Norway. I have informed them about the government’s Manifest Against Bullying and requested that they check if their muncipality has joined in. I have also suggested they follow up on what is being done where. As well as inviting them to participate in our Donation Race and invite their local businesses to take a stand. The first article was online a few days ago: (If there are articles in paper versions without a net-copy, I have no way of knowing what is covered where….)

I am hoping that keeping the press involved will be a positive factor for the entire cause.

There are other pre-sale strategies on my list, but since I have barely scraped the surface of them, I will tell more about these when I have set the wheels in motion.


In total, we have about 10% of what we need to cover the budget costs, once our working credits are deducted. So there still is a way to go. I have also a number of applications for support being reviewed by the more «common» support channels, as well as a few that normally do not fund film productions. It is all worth a shot. I am also going to invite a few companies to support us beyond the Donation Race as  a role of sponsor.

We are definitely on an inspiring path and I am convinced that we will go in production with the complete budget covered. There is no reason not be optimistic.


Here is the one flyer (this is the Facebook version of it):