A Room With No View

The short film I am currently working on is entitled «A Room With No View«.

The film’s main female character has a long history as a psychiatric patient since her early teen year. Already as a child she was a victim of bullying and mocking, and this continued into her teens. Her self image became distorted and was expressed through eating disorders and by her cutting herself.

We meet her wandering aimlessly along a road where she is totally lost in her confusion. She is picked up by the police who commit her yet another time to a closed psychiatric ward. She feels she is trapped in a room with no view.

The turning point is in an unexpected meeting of two souls. A woman working as a cleaner in the hospital shows the kindness and compassion she needs at the right moment. This meeting becomes the final piece in her puzzle that moves her to a room with a view towards her healing.

We have a story to tell, but we also aim at depicting a visual impression of what it is like to be mentally ill and how the turning point towards recovery can be.

Currently we are focusing on financing the project and expect to be using pretty much the rest of 2011 to secure sufficient enough funds to go into production early next year. My roles are producer and writer, so I am heavly into working on the financial part these days. I have some thoughts on the script and am discussing it with director Inger Lene Stordrange. The story is inspired by the true life experiences of Silje Marie Strandberg (who will be assisting Inger Lene as director), so some of this summer will also be spent interviewing as research for the screenplay.

The topics addressed in this film are quite serious. I just read that 30.000 school children in Norway alone have reported that they have been bullied. A Swedish study has shown that a seriously bullied person costs the government in the range of millions of kroner. Society pays a high price in treatment, welfare etc. The highest price, of course, being carried by the individual who is a victim.

Late last week I created a few pages on Facebook about the film: (In English: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Room-With-No-View/182242131832270?sk=info and in Norwegian https://www.facebook.com/pages/Et-rom-uten-utsikt/183041585082528?sk=info – please feel free to «like» us on one or both!). At the moment there is less than a crowd of people liking the pages, but it seems that it is important for some of them who already are. I have recieved mails and phone calls from all corners of the planet from people who know this reality to be true and who are very happy that we are focusing on these important issues.

We have also started a campaign trying out crowd funding as one way of reaching our goal of funding this project. I will write more about this in a later blog. In the mean time, check out the homepage to the film A Room With No View (which also explains about the crowd funding, here called Donation Race and has posted an update on how much funding is already in place in form of donations.)